Martinelli Mural: Final

    The mural will be finished tomorrow.  This was an unpredictable ride, having everything planned and researched, showed up on time ready to go, but the plan exploded, turning into something else with different elements but the same theme of nature.  
     The new mural is filled with native birds and little creatures, belted kingfisher, blue heron, night heron, iridescent beetles, frog, western tanagers, pair of mallard ducks in a scene focused on the lake.  It is anchored on  by a willow tree on one side and large tulie reeds flanking the other.   Tomorrow I will finish up detail work.
     As I was painting today I was thinking about how sometimes you just need to completely switch directions and go with the flow for projects, finding new solutions.  I like to feel organized and I often paint in my sleep when I am in the middle of a project.  It consumes me and I need to be hyper-focused and on task till it is completed.   I have to say that this week I have felt more emotionally exhausted at the end of each working day, reworking and allowing for complete change to my original plan.  I like to know what the plan is and control all that I do in support of the creative flow and a feeling of calm.
     So as I am painting quietly, I remember how many times (more than I can count) people have confided in me how all artists are flakes.   As if they are letting me in on some secret information.  Yes, really, right to my face.  Each time I am shocked at such candor and I feel the need to defend myself as an artist, set myself apart from such a blanket statement.  But today, I thought that I really don’t need to say anything, just continue doing what I do, the way that I do it best.  It may apply to some artists, but there are also many to whom it does not and people are busily buying what they produce.
     Producing art is something all consuming and it requires you to put yourself into it completely.  I have found that I really enjoy working on several projects at one time.  I am happiest and most creative when I create.  A LOT.  The more I create the more ideas hatch that I want to do.  It could be gardening, baking, trying a new recipe, redecorating a space, dancing, painting, dreaming of ideas, redecorating rooms…  Believing in ideas is a magical thing that helps to create new ideas and often I just need to know my idea is alive and valid.  
     Today was a good productive day and later tonight I will reward myself with pulling out my notebook and playing with an idea that has been dancing around in my head.

Martinelli Nature Mural

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