I Planted a Garden of Abundance

     I had a wonderful friend suggest to me a few years ago to consider planting some money in my garden to grow.   Sort of like garden feng shui, I think… and my wealth sector lies under my roses, irises, sedums, shasta daisies, peonies, dicentra, violas and candytuft.  And a nice fluffy load of compost, that the neighbors can smell, but alas I cannot.  It is sort of funny, but my sense of smell went pretty dormant about 23 years ago when I was pregnant with my son.  I guess it is pretty strong (from what I hear!)  So manure and compost are extremely exciting to me… rich foods to feed my wonderful live canvas.  I also save banana peels to feed to my roses and dig them into the holes, which I am led to believe are quite delicious snacks for them… and full of potassium.    I enjoy nurturing it and all through winter I fill notebooks with new ideas and dream of it at night.
     So I often thought about planting a bit of money in this sacred magical space that is my garden, but I was never really quite ready to do it.  It seems so simple, but I knew what it meant and it was powerful.  I had to do it when I felt truly ready to follow all the abundance I was asking for.  My garden is very personal to me and is alive, evolving and constantly changing.   It is a reflection of my inner self, of dreams and it is like a glass half full, always hoping and optimistic.  For five years I lived away from this garden and it was difficult.  I would come to tend and weed it like crazy for two weeks and then go away, but sadly I would miss the spectacular show.   Over and over I repeated this pattern and my heart suffered from the disconnection.   I also did lots of work that was not art related, which is interesting to note as well, where my heart was disconnected somewhat as well.
     I won’t reveal whether I finally screwed up enough courage to take the leap or not, but let’s just say that at this point in my life I am welcoming abundance with open arms… with friends, positivity, vibrant ideas, belief in myself, a beautiful blooming garden filled with birds, bugs and butterflies and most of all to doing my art all the time, to have the spigot of ideas always flowing.  And I expect to  continue to enjoy smiling and laughing and enjoy contentment.  And  money, let’s not forget money…

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