Today I make something for ME!

I had such a wonderful Sunday!   Instead of hopping right on the computer to check email this morning… I consciously chose not to. 
I have been wanting to work on getting my bedroom in  order for a couple months now ever since I moved back to my house in Seattle.   I have sorted lots of things from the attic to go to Goodwill, reorganized, busied myself with  projects, lots of networking, meetings and the holidays.  Lots to do and I was feeling overwhelmed by my cluttered space!
So today I pulled out my paints, boxes of ribbons and trims and played for hours.  I have collected so many over the years it is so much fun to see , touch them and match them with different projects.  It is so funny that it is my job to create such whimsical vibrant murals and painted furniture for OTHER people.  Sometimes I just keep running ahead and forget to create for myself. 

I love interesting boxes of all shapes and sizes.   I really love to find them when they are pretty worn and quite ugly…they are screaming to be made over.   So I have had a stash of a couple shelves, and boxes I have wanted to repaint and work on that I got to pull out.   I love eclectic, bohemian style that has layered pattern and colors within a specific palette, which in this case is burgundy, fuchsia, gold, pink, orange and bits of green and turquoise.  The surface of my bed was completely covered in ribbons and trims, my  table filled with paints.  I played with a favorite old IKEA box  that I had painted lilac and pink about 10 years ago.   I loved doing it so much it reminds me how much I love to paint furniture…
Well, tomorrow I am off to Goodwill to dump old stuff  and go in and shop for more stuff I can transform.  It is a wonderful cycle.   I wonder what treasure I will discover?

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