Monthly Archives: March 2013

I Planted a Garden of Abundance

     I had a wonderful friend suggest to me a few years ago to consider planting some money in my garden to grow.   Sort of like garden feng shui, I think… and my wealth sector lies under my roses, irises, … Continue reading

How Pinterest Affects the Artist Mind

This summer I was listening to the radio one morning and a lady mentions Pinterest, which I hadn’t heard of before.  She said she tried it and it didn’t sound like much to me, honestly.  Talking about collecting ideas for … Continue reading

Today I make something for ME!

I had such a wonderful Sunday!   Instead of hopping right on the computer to check email this morning… I consciously chose not to.   I have been wanting to work on getting my bedroom in  order for a couple months now … Continue reading

Kate’s Official Portrait

       I love to collect portrait images on my Pinterest boards.  There are so many interesting ways to compose the subject within the space that can create different moods.  I love all the inventive ideas to imagine posing the subject.   … Continue reading

Martinelli Mural: Final

    The mural will be finished tomorrow.  This was an unpredictable ride, having everything planned and researched, showed up on time ready to go, but the plan exploded, turning into something else with different elements but the same theme of … Continue reading

First Day of Martinelli Mural

Posted on by LisaDeWilde

     I flew from Seattle for a mural in Watsonville, California to begin a mural this week at 9:00am   I am excited to finally start.  We have been going back and forth to nail down this window for a while … Continue reading